Frequently Asked Questions

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Why don't my scanned coupons show up immediately?

When you submit a coupon to SnipSnap, we begin scanning it a variety of different ways. We automatically read the text, perform image recognition on logos, and interpret and regenerate the barcode. However, while some of these tasks are instantaneous, we also conduct some extra steps to ensure the data is correct that take a little longer. While we intend to continue speeding up the process, for now, you may have to wait several minutes for the coupon scanning to complete. Once a coupon has finished processing, it will disappear from the scanning bar up top and will appear in the list on the “Coupons” screen.

Can I use SnipSnap for grocery coupons?

Not yet. Currently the app works great for retail, restaurant, and all kinds of local coupons, but “Manufacturer Coupons” aren’t supported yet. We hope to introduce this functionality in the very near future.

How do I redeem a coupon from SnipSnap?

When you visit the coupon details screen of the application, simply tap on the “Redeem” button and you’ll be taken to a screen featuring everything you should need to validate the coupon at checkout. Depending on the coupon, you’ll have the barcode, promo code, or coupon image. If the cashier cannot scan the barcode from the screen, ask them if they can key in the number or display the promo code view (if present). You can also display the original coupon image and pinch to zoom in any of the details. Once you’ve finished, tap “Done” and be sure to indicate whether or not the store accepted the coupon.

What are the Post-It-style flags next to the coupon details?

These indicate the average success ratio that other SnipSnap users have had redeeming at that store. We capture this information to give you a sense of how likely the store in question is to accept a coupon from a phone. While we’d love to say that all stores accept all coupons all the time, sadly, it just ain’t so (even with paper coupons). This color-coded scoring system is our best attempt to tell you that we have a high confidence you’ll succeed in redeeming, or give you an advance head’s up if you’re likely to have an issue.


How do I delete coupons?

Swipe left to right to reveal the delete button. Tap on the edit button to delete a bunch of coupons at one time.


How do the notifications work?

You can enable notifications that will remind you when a coupon is about to expire and when you’re entering a store that you have coupons saved for. Neither of these should affect your phone’s battery life noticeably. Tap on the setting screen to turn these on or off, or to change the time-frame for the expiration date notifications (how far in advance you’d like to get reminded).


What is the Discover screen?

This is where you can find coupons that other users have clipped or that have been added from other sources. To add any of these to your personal coupon list, simply tap “Snip.” Tapping on any user’s name will allow you to view their profile, where you can follow them. You can also file a coupon directly to one of your coupon bundles by tapping the “Add to” button.


How do I find users to follow?

The fastest way to find users is to allow SnipSnap to automatically look up all the contacts in your address book, Facebook account, or Twitter account. You can also invite any of your contacts to join SnipSnap, and if they sign up you’ll automatically follow them. If you follow another user’s coupon bundle, you’ll see updates they make to that bundle going forward. Last, you can also browse featured users on the Discover screen and follow any of them as well.


What are "Recommended Offers"?

Periodically, SnipSnap will suggest coupons to you based on your past snipping history. You can either save these coupons or dismiss them. The more coupons you snip, the more it helps SnipSnap to understand the kinds of deals you’re interested in getting.


How does the Search screen work?

The search screen allows you to access SnipSnap’s database of shared coupons. We filter out all manufacturer coupons (which are currently not supported) as well as any expired coupons.


How can I report a coupon?

If you encounter a coupon that is expired, has incorrect data, or is of poor quality, you can report it from the app. On the Coupon Details screen, tap on the button to the top right, and select “Report this coupon.” Be sure to choose one of the reasons for why you’re reporting the coupon, or type in your own reason.

If you are a copyright holder and find a coupon that you believe to be infringing on your copyright, you may request a take down of the coupon. Per our Terms of Service, it is our policy to expeditiously respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement that comply with the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). Please utilize this form, or follow the instructions in section 3.4 of our Terms of Service, to request the take down.