Meet Scout

Your personal savings assistant

An assistant built to save.

Scout is your very own savings assistant whose only job is to help you find the best deals.

Use Scout while you're shopping in-store or online. Submit a request and Scout will track down competitor prices, coupons, price-match opportunities, and instant-mobile rebates.

In-Store Coupons


Instant Mobile Rebates


Grocery Coupons

Local Savings


Cash Dash Offers


And the lowest online prices

Consult a savings expert, instantly.

Scout knows all the tricks to maximize your savings. Plus it couldn't be easier to use; it's just like chatting with a friend (at least a friend that only talks about saving you money).

So easy, it’s a snap!

Scout's even better when you send in a photo. When you see a product you like, open Scout and snap a photo. Scout uses patented image-recognition technology, powered by Slyce, to identify the product.

Get the best deal, every time.

Scout checks your product against the largest coupon databases, aggregated prices from thousands of online stores, and mobile rebates from industry leading apps. With your Scout savings, you can go to the checkout line confident that you have the best deal available.


How does Scout save me money?

Scout does all the work to find you ways to save - including coupons, rebates, competitor price matches, and online deals - and sends them right to your phone. If there are savings to be had, you can bet Scout will find them for you!

What sort of products does Scout work for?

Scout is at its best with products in the $10-$1,000 range. We don’t recommend it for automobile and home purchases (yet!). But retail products are right in Scout’s sweet spot.

How fast can I expect to get results?

Scout can take up to 5 minutes to find all the best deals.

Ok, but how does it really work?

We use our patented image-recognition technology, powered by Slyce, to identify the product. Next we check that product against a number of databases—including our own SnipSnap coupon database, the largest repository of in-store mobile coupons. We also check thousands of online stores and mobile rebate apps for more deals.

Is Scout really free?

Absolutely! Scout is 100% free and always will be.

Who can use Scout?

Scout is available to all shoppers across the United States and Canada.

Start Scouting Now!

Scout is ready to save you money.

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