Adventures in the App Store

Almost a month ago, we weren’t 100% sure whether SnipSnap was going to get approved by Apple. We’d received an email notifying us that the app was getting an “extended review,” which seemed to portend some omnious fate. Well, luckily, we went live late on April 24. You can download it here. And then, about a week later, Apple reached out to say that they wanted to “feature” SnipSnap.

At first we weren’t sure what exactly this meant, or where the feature would be. Then, a day or so later, it appeared smack dab on the front of the iTunes store. For a full week, SnipSnap was virtually the first thing you’d see when launching the app store on your desktop or iPhone.

And just as soon as the app appeared in this top spot, we started getting new users. A lot of new users. In the span of about a week, we shot from having a couple thousand devices using SnipSnap to more than 100,000!

What’s more, these users were snippping coupons at an incredible rate. In that same period, we saw more than 283,00 coupons snipped. The numbers have continued to grow at this incredible rate ever since. We’re rapidly ramping up our hosting and systems architecture to keep up.

During the height of this week of featured placement, SnipSnap rose as high as No. 35 overall in the free app category (ahead of Angry Birds!), also briefly ranking as the #1 lifestyle app. After we lost the prime placement, our out-of-this-world rankings quickly drifted back to earth, but we’ve maintained strong user growth ever since. If anything, the whole experience gave us a taste of what a little App Store love can feel like, and has us now wanting some more in the weeks and months to come.

Help us feel the love and download the SnipSnap app today!