Got Bundles? Introducing SnipSnap Coupon Bundles

When we released version 1.4 of SnipSnap this week, it had a ton of features that our users have been asking for:

  • the ability to scan 2-sided coupons
  • the ability to sort by expiration date or name
  • an awesome new camera interface.

But there was one special, completely new feature we incorporated that we’re very excited to officially unveil today: Coupon Bundles.

What’s a Coupon Bundle? A grouping of offers that you can batch import into the application in one fell swoop. All you need to do is launch the app, go into the camera (switching to QR-code mode) and then scan the code. A bundle will load right up.

Helper tip explaining how to scan coupon bundle codes

Why is this cool? Well, take the Sunday newspaper, for example. Sure, you could go through and snap photo after photo after photo. But what if you could simply scan a code next to the “$300 in Today’s Paper!” call-out, and populate all the coupons into your phone at once?

Of course, you won’t want to keep all of them. So once you import a bundle, you can just tap the “Snip It!” button next to each one you want to keep, and then dismiss the bundle. It effectively turns the process of snipping from an hour-long chore into a 30-second breeze.

Of course, newspapers are just one of many places you’ll find coupon bundles. Starting today, if you’re in the South, you’ll see mailers like this one from The SavingSource arrive with coupon-bundle codes on the envelope. Pretty soon, we’ll be rolling out bundles in select magazines as well.

And this weekend, if you’re attending BlogHer ’12 in New York City, you’ll get a taste of our very first coupon blogger bundles! We’ve partnered with some alumni from Extreme Couponing on TLC, like Chrystie Corns (I Love to Gossip) and Antoinette Peterson (Sister Save-a-Lot), to create these. And we’re signing up more bloggers every single day.

Here’s what some of the bundles listed above look like in the app:

Scan the QR codes to try it out yourself.

Bundles codes for “I Love to Gossip” (left) and “Sister Save-a-Lot” (right)

Want to get in on the action? Head to to apply to join our bundle affiliate program.