Did You SnipSnap Your Treat Receipt Today? Shhhhh! It’s a Secret!

Starbucks’ treat receipts are back!  Hooray!  I’m pretty sure you’re a coffee queen (or king) like me, so you know what I’m talking about and why I’m so excited.  But, just in case, here’s the fabulous offer going on every day this summer at Starbucks: buy your regular morning coffee before 2 pm, return after 2pm with your receipt, and bask in the glory of any grande drink you fancy for just 2 dollars.  The treat receipt is just one of the many modern luxuries I adore at Starbucks.  I also love that I can pay with my gold card via bar code on my phone.  I don’t have to do anything except hold up the screen and stick a straw in my frappuccino.

But, here’s the terrible truth. Treat receipts, as mind-blowingly motivating as they can be, get lost and/or forgotten. And it’s crushing when you realize you missed out on your dirt-cheap afternoon fix.  But recently I started using SnipSnap’s “private” coupon feature to store my individual treat receipts, paper-free in my phone.  That way I A) will not lose them (unless I lose my phone, and then I have bigger problems) B) will not forget them, since SnipSnap reminds me to use my coupons when and where I need to.  Baristas are totally cool with snipsnapped treat receipts, which means I’ll never mess up my afternoon coffee again!

So, here’s the important part.  Starbucks’ treat receipts are incentive coupons for individual, valued customers.  They’re a one-per-person kind of deal and, therefore, should be marked “private” in your SnipSnap application.  Got a coupon as a reward?  You should mark it private.  Got a coupon with your name on it?  Same deal.

Here’s how to make your coupons private so no one else uses up your savings before you do!  I snipsnapped a picture of my Ulta club card for the purpose of this demonstration:

See the option in the bottom right-hand corner?  Just slide the gray bar on over to the private side.  Boom; you’re done.  And now your personal savings are forever yours!

Oh, I forgot to mention, when I bought a delicious strawberry smoothie with my treat receipt yesterday, I got a survey opportunity for a 1 dollar off coupon code.  I took the survey and snipsnapped the receipt with the survey code too.  Cha-ching!  More coffee for me!

Do you snipsnap your treat receipts?  Do you use SnipSnap to store any other personal coupons?  How does the SnipSnap “private” feature help you save?  Email all your tips and tricks to liz@snipsnap.it!