Ready to Ring in Fall? SnipSnap at Jo-Ann’s!

I know, I know – it’s still summer!  But, I swear, just a few mornings ago, even though the sun warmed the bedspread and the birds chirped outside, the only thing I could think when I opened my eyes was, “Fall! It’s here!” Maybe the air was just (relatively) crisp that morning. Or maybe my body’s internal clock accidentally quick-skipped ahead of itself. Or maybe fall really is just around the corner. Halloween candy displays and costume stores are out in full force and, when I think of autumn harvests, trick-or-treat sugar rushes, and thick, fleecy sweaters, I think of one big something else: Crafting!

I started knitting in the nineties, way before it was the cool, new, hipster thing to do, but I love how the finer fiber arts are enjoying a much-deserved renaissance with new generations of eager, creative crafters. Even if you don’t knit, you’re probably totally into decking your home out for Halloween (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza).  And, if you love that domestic stuff as much as I do, you’re probably also a frequent, compulsive shopper at craft stores like Jo-Ann’s, A.C. Moore, and Michaels. And then you absolutely know how generous craft stores are to their customers.

40-50% off coupons are totally no big deal at craft stores.  Most of these retailers distribute print ads like they grow on trees.  At Jo-Ann’s, in particular, the cashiers almost won’t take no for an answer when they offer you a flyer for sales two weeks away.  The problem (of which I’m awfully too aware the moment these coupons hit my hands) is that most people (with kids, careers, and bills to pay) have no idea what they’ll be crafting so far into the unforeseeable future.  So the coupons aren’t as appealing as they should be, and they’re soon buried under more important paperwork.

I can’t tell you how many times I have crafting emergencies and need to run to Jo-Ann’s for buttons or new knitting needles.  And I never have those print coupons.  But today, since I was feeling so fall, I decided to stop inside my local Jo-Ann’s to pick up a skein of yarn for a winter hat project.  I snipsnapped a current 40% off a single, non-sale item coupon and presented it to the cashier at check out.  She was so sweet and excited about mobile coupons.  “People are in here with these things all the time,” she said.  “It’s great!”

Since my purchase was so small, I only saved a few bucks, but the potential here is huge.  Crafting supplies are expensive and so is holiday home décor (which you can also find at Jo-Ann’s).  You can redeem this 40% off coupon as much as you want and, if you apply it to large items, you’re saving some serious bank.  As for me, I’ll be knitting my favorite winter hat pattern in the shade “sapphire” this year for just two dollars and thirty-nine cents.  Now, who can beat that?

Crafters! What’s the best (or biggest) item you’ve purchased with a mobile coupon at a craft store?  What did you make/decorate with it?  What are your best tricks and tips to save even more?  Email me at with all your smashing success stories!