Back-to-School SnipSnap Shoe Shopping at Payless? Yes, Please!

Okay, okay, I’m not really going back to school, but I’ll never forget how exciting it was to stock up on new school essentials like Lisa Frank pencils and penny loafers. There’s nothing like the smell of new leather or the sight of crisp, white Five Star stationary to make you feel like a grand new person, no matter how old you are!  So I like to take advantage of back-to-school savings, build my big girl wardrobe, and pretend like it’s still a huge deal when you’re entering…ermmm… 21st grade?

My mom used to pinch pennies on staples like denim and khakis and then let us splurge on a few fun, colorful, standout pieces to pair with everything else.  And every August/September I’m reminded how smart it is to go back to basics when you need something simple like a pair of black pumps.  My fabulous friend Mary-Kate and I spent hours yesterday looking for the perfect pair of comfortable, functional, business-casual black heals for her to wear to a new job.  And, since we didn’t want to spend a fortune, we came up with NOTHING after scouring department shoes stores, top to bottom.  But then she had a stroke of genius, searched “shoes” in SnipSnap and followed the savings all the way to Payless, where she scored these babies for eight dollars off the already reasonable retail price, just by combining a SnipSnap coupon with an in-store offer!

Shopping for your kids’ back-to-school shoes and cringing at the thought of ridiculous retail prices?  No worries!  SnipSnap has tons of Payless coupons in its database, plus offers from other retailers like Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods that make sneaker shopping a lot less painful this time of year.  And since you probably don’t have a spare second to tie your own shoes while trying thousands of pairs on your kiddos, don’t worry about finding print coupons; your phone is all you need!

Are you a busy back-to-school shopper?  How have you used SnipSnap to make a huge dent in your savings this year?  What coupons work the best and offer the biggest deals?  Email all your tips and tricks to!