Have You SnipSnapped at YoGo Factory Yet?

Yesterday I blogged about all things fall, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still celebrating summer!  One of the most refreshing facets of my summer has been the grand opening of a YoGo Factory just minutes away from my home.  It’s on the same strip as the bars I’d normally visit on hot summer nights when I want something to cool down.  Don’t get me wrong – I still love a cold beer, but it’s great to have a healthier option when I need to chill out.  And because YoGo’s customer appreciation is so phenomenal, once I started visiting, I didn’t want to stop!

YoGo is definitely the most social media savvy place to get dessert.  You can receive an ounce of free yogurt each time you check in on Facebook, Foursquare, or Twitter.  If you check-in on all three in one visit, you earn three ounces of yogurt, free! YoGo offers other promotions too: wear something Phillies during a game and you’re eligible for another two free ounces.  And, once you record ten purchases on your YoGo rewards card, you can redeem it for eight ounces, free, all in one go (that’s a lot of yogurt!)

YoGo stores are colorful, immaculately clean, filled with flat screen televisions, and chock full of so many sugary selections; you could spend all day putting together the perfect combination for your mood.  And, even though it’s totally kid friendly, YoGo’s a fun place for big people to hang out too.  Especially if you like to indulge for almost nothing. But don’t worry if you’re not a fan of notifying your whole social network every time you take a bite out of a butterscotch sundae; you can score even more free yogurt with a snipsnapped coupon!

I made myself this cake batter/Oreo cookie bad boy last night with a YoGo coupon for four free ounces. YoGo honored my snipsnapped version of the coupon as easily as if it were print. I only had to cover the cost of a little overage (approximately sixty cents worth, or an extra ounce of yogurt).  It’s kind of hard to believe I can enjoy something so rich and delicious for just the few quarters wedged in the corners of my purse. It makes getting frozen dessert without social media and mobile coupons feel like a major rip off!

Here’s my big tip for enjoying a frugal frozen yogurt: don’t overdo it!  YoGo Factory containers are HUGE, so if you want your coupon to make a dent, don’t make yourself a mountain of yogurt and flood it with hot fudge. Just sayin!

Have you used a mobile coupon at YoGo Factory?  Where else can you use SnipSnap to get a great dessert deal?  Send your success stories, tips, and tricks to liz@snipsnap.it !