If You Love SnipSnap, Try the Walgreens App!

Drug store shopping is way, way easier than it used to be, which is awesome if you’re like pretty much everyone I know and rely on prescription and/or OTC medication (also impulse-buy nail polish, ramen noodles, and last minute birthday cards).  If you shop at Walgreens and you haven’t already downloaded the app, do it now!  You’ll be amazed at how easy it makes life when you need to fill a prescription, print pictures, and, yes, coupon!

Take a look, and you’ll see there really isn’t anything you can’t do with the Walgreens app.

One of the most convenient features is its prescription refill scanner that does exactly what it says it will. Simply scan the bar code on your prescription’s bottle and you’re all set for insta-refills.  The scanner system works so well, that %40 percent of Walgreens online prescription refills are now being submitted through the app.  If you aren’t a Walgreens pharmacy customer and you’d like to be, you can also use the scanner to transfer your prescription to a Walgreens pharmacy.  And then snipsnap this coupon to receive a twenty-five dollar Walgreens gift card with your first refill!

I think one of the coolest features of the Walgreens app has to be the “Quick Prints” option, which lets you upload pictures from your iPhone to instantly print at your local store. Prints take about an hour, but the app will give you a real time estimate, so you’re never stuck waiting around for your pictures to finish.

And then there are coupons!  The app features five or six beauty, food, and office supply coupons at a time.  And they work great because each and every Walgreens location in the United States has updated its hardware within the last year, so all its bar code and 2-D bar code coupons scan very reliably off your iPhone’s screen.  And, if you don’t find the coupons you’re looking for in the Walgreens app, there are a ton of print store coupons in the SnipSnap database.  They’re good ones too!  You can save a ton of money off Walgreens brand OTC cold and flu medications this year. (Unbiased side note: I think Walgreens brand works way better than name brands when it comes to relieving headache, pain, and congestion.)  You can score a lot of other great Walgreens health and beauty deals on SnipSnap, too.  Try this awesome coupon for Crest White Strips – before it expires tomorrow!

Do you use the Walgreens app?  How has is made your life easier?  How do you use SnipSnap to save at your favorite drugstore?  Email your stories, tips, and tricks to liz@snipsnap.it!