SnipSnap: Saving the Frequent, Small-Haul Shopper, One Trip at a Time

This is how my psychology works when it comes to groceries:

Out of sight, out of mind.


In sight, in mind, in mouth, and, eventually, on butt.

Conventional couponing wisdom says, “Stockpile!” “When Reese’s cups are on sale, stack your coupons and buy sixty-four of them for ninety-nine cents.”  And, for a lot of people, with a lot of mouths to feed (and stockpile storage with a serious lock and key) this makes sense.  For me, not so much.

There are a lot of reasons I like to shop small.  Of course, I feel like I consume less when my immediate resources are limited.  On the flip side, I waste less too.  We all know that horrible feeling when a head of lettuce goes bad and starts weeping rejected veggie tears down the insides of your fridge.  It feels like an outright sin to throw food away when so many people don’t have the abundance that we do.  So I only buy for my immediate needs, and that alone saves me money, most of the time.

What I love about mobile grocery store coupons is that they really cater to small-size grocery store buys, because you can use them whenever you shop.  It’s so, super-easy to save with coupons for five dollars off your twenty–five dollar purchase.  It adds up to a lot! At Wegmans, where I do ninety-nine percent of my shopping, I find tons of opportunities to use coupons that deduct one dollar off a five dollar purchase of, let’s say, organic vegetables.  When I buy small, I get to save that one dollar much more often, and my veggies get eaten instead of wasted and thrown away.

Tip Time!  Make sure you read your grocery store coupons.  Looks can be deceiving.  For example, this coupon looks like you have to buy the club pack of Wegmans paper towels to get the one dollar savings:

Right?  Wrong.  The text doesn’t actually specify, and the coupon works just as well on individual rolls.  Which is great for a gal like me, who hates to buy twelve rolls of paper towels at a time as much as she hates the giant discrepancy between bulk and individual unit prices.  With the one dollar Wegmans coupon, I can actually buy a single roll of paper towels for less than the cost of one roll from the bulk buy, which is a huge victory for a small shopper like me.  Woohoo!

How do you shop for groceries with SnipSnap?  Do you buy big or shop small?  What’s been the biggest money-saving coupon you use again and again on all your shopping trips?  How do you avoid wasting food, without wasting money, too?  Send all your stories, tips, and tricks to!