Holy Cow! Have You Used the Wrapp App Yet?

Happy Monday!

You might be thinking, “Mondays stink.”

They did. Not anymore. Because now you can exchange free gift cards with your besties all day and forever, until your heart’s content.

Really, it’s true.

Welcome to Wrapp, the new social gift-giving app that lets you send free or paid gift cards to your Facebook friends, so you can celebrate birthdays, graduations, babies, weddings, engagements, or just general, overall awesomeness.

It’s simple:

Download the Wrapp app for iPhone or Android and select a friend you want to celebrate. Wrapp makes it easy to stay on top of birthdays with its calendar format. It tells me, week by week, who’s completing another trip around the sun, and suggests stellar gift-giving options from participating retailers. The best part? Each day, retailers offer a certain amount of free gift cards in the Wrapp store. And they’re totally no joke. So far, I’ve given and received five dollar gift cards to Gap and Sephora, as well as a ten dollar gift card to Warby Parker!  And, if you want to give a special friend a more, ahem, substantial present, you can pay to customize each gift card amount to suite your gift-giving needs.

Wrapp stores all your swag in its “Online Wallet” feature.  Here’s mine!

So how do you use these bad boys? Simple. Wrapp gift cards can be redeemed in-store and/or online, depending on the gift and the retailer. If you’re redeeming in-store, select the gift card you want to use and tap the “use in store” button. You’ll be given a bar code for the cashier to scan when you check out. Voila! To shop online, tap the “use online” button and follow the instructions for how to use the gift card code. It’s that easy.

Some tips: You can only give a limited amount of free gift cards to any one friend. So choose your gifts wisely! Also, some retailers require identification when you redeem in-store. You can only use each gift card once and, after you tap the “use online” button, you only have sixty minutes to complete your order. Most gift cards expire thirty days after you receive them too, so make sure you use them up!

Are you using Wrapp? Is it better to give or receive? Have social gift-giving services changed the way you celebrate your friends?  Email all you stories, tips, and tricks to liz@snipsnap.it!