I Redeemed My First Wrapp Gift Card at Sephora!

I knew it!  I knew it would work perfectly!

I blogged this morning about this fantastic little smartphone app called Wrapp that lets you exchange FREE and paid gift cards with your Facebook friends.  Each day, Wrapp’s participating retailers offer free five-ten dollar gift cards that you can give and receive through your social media circle.  Last night, one of my fabulous Facebook friends sent me a five dollar gift card to Sephora.  I couldn’t wait to use it!  I had to make sure this Wrapp thing wasn’t too good to be true (because it totally sounds like it is).  So, this afternoon, off to Sephora I went!

I’m a real sucker for glittery nail polish.  I probably have close to fifty bottles stashed throughout my house for major mood emergencies.  There’s no better pick-me-up than a bubble bath/pedicure combination!  Usually, I try to buy drug store brands like Sally Hansen so my nail polish habit doesn’t completely break the bank, but I’m always extremely tempted to buy the more lux lines from their seductive displays whenever I shop at the mall.  I love Sephora by OPI’s line because they’re extremely high-quality, long-lasting polishes that come in an array of really unique shades.  But, at $9.50 a bottle, I’m sort of turned off to buying them, no matter how pretty and sparkly they may be.

But today was different!  I could cut the cost of a nail polish by more than half with my Wrapp gift card, so I strode into my local Sephora and immediately latched onto this gorgeous, glittery shade of violet-blue called “I Don’t Bite,” which was so fitting since, at under five dollars, this high-end nail polish was no longer so threatening.

The cashiers at Sephora were great! The girl at the register wasn’t familiar with Wrapp yet, but she called a co-worker over and my gift card was redeemed in thirty seconds flat.  All I had to do was hit the “use in store” button and produce the unique gift card code for the cashier to manually punch in.  I also used my Sephora Beauty Insider rewards card, which keeps track of my purchases and offers amazing incentives after I accrue so many points.  And I got a customer service survey to win a $250 dollar Sephora gift card with my receipt.  Cross your fingers I win!

So, what are you waiting for?  Download the Wrapp app and start celebrating your friends with free gift cards.  I promise you’ll get some in return! Already have the Wrapp app?  I want to hear all your success stories, tips, and tricks!  Email them to me at liz@snipsnap.it!