Bloggers at Family Frugal Fun Release The Top 100 Mobile Text Coupons ebook!

Hooray!  A totally simple, affordable, comprehensive, at-your-fingertips way to get a head start on text couponing!  If you’re new to mobile text coupons and don’t want to scour the web for as long as it takes to do your own research, look no further!  The lovely ladies, Maggie Miller and Beth Rose, from Family Frugal Fun have compiled everything you need to know about landing huge deals with your mobile phone in one nifty ebook called The Top 100 Mobile Text Coupons. Think of this as your new text coupon Bible.  The ebook is available on Amazon for Kindle at $2.99 and it’s totally free to borrow if you’re a member of Amazon Prime. (You can take a peek inside before you buy, too.) The Top 100 Mobile Text Coupons is a super-comprehensive look at exactly what mobile coupons are, how they work, why you should use them, and how you can integrate them into your overall couponing method.  The ebook’s pages are also filled with cool extras, like how to mobile charity coupon (Maggie and Beth are renowned charity couponers who teach volunteers at nonprofits how to coupon for their organizations), plus, of course, Maggie and Beth’s top 100 free coupon picks for restaurants, retail stores, entertainment venues, and groceries!

If you haven’t already, check out for some seriously great coupon deals.  My absolute favorite part about Family Frugal Fun is its authors’ love of and commitment to ice cream in all its incarnations.  Stay up-to-date on all the beautiful ways to eat ice cream with coupons, then stay tuned for recipes (like fried ice cream and ice cream punch) to follow!  Zing!