SnipSnap Success at Whole Foods! Two Dollars off Zevia Six-packs

I love Whole Foods!  It’s the absolute next best thing to grandmother’s house for dinner.  When I shop at Whole Foods, I’m totally confident they research their food as much as I do, so I feel great about what I buy and even better after I eat it.  Because the grocery options are less processed and more organic, I get exposed to a lot of new flavors and food combinations, which I like to think helps cultivate my palate. And I LOVE couponing to get my favorite tastes for next to nothing.  Read on to score savings on Zevia, the natural diet soda!

At Whole Foods, you can find a healthy, “whole food” substitution for just about any food or drink habit you have.  And, most of the time, the healthy option totally trumps the taste of what you’re used to. About a year ago I found Zevia, which is a natural, stevia-sweetened soda with ZERO calories. It tastes AMAZING!  And I’m only drinking natural ingredients. The bad news?  It can be a bit expensive at $5.99/six-pack.  The good news? If I plan correctly, I can cut the cost of a six-pack in half (or even get it for free!) with coupons.  The better news?  Even if I don’t plan correctly, and I have a Zevia emergency, I can still use my SnipSnap coupons to save a dollar off a six-pack (that’s a free can!)

If you’re interested in making the switch to a natural diet soda, but you don’t want to abuse your budget, you’re in luck!

The fabulous Hip2Save featured a fantastic post about how to potentially score Zevia for free at Whole Foods, utilizing an in-store sale ($2.99/six-pack) with a $3 off 1 six-pack coupon from These offers are expired now, but I’ve found there’s always a good opportunity to save on Zevia at Whole Foods.  Right now there’s a $1 off 1 six-pack coupon (good til 9/30) floating around on SnipSnap.

Best part about this store coupon is you can combine it with these manufacturer’s coupons on the Zevia website.  Right now, you can get $1 off 1 six-pack, and $1.50 off two.  That’s up to %30 off a six-pack when you put everything together.  Not bad!  If you love Zevia as much as I do, make sure you sign up to get email coupons on their website, too.  And then SnipSnap them so you don’t forget them the next time you’re at the store!

How do you save at Whole Foods?  Have you ever scored Zevia for free?  Let me know at!