Hey, Everyone! It’s Wrapp Wednesday!

Wednesdays are now my favorite day of the week! (Well, okay, maybe Friday is still number one, but Wednesdays are so much better than ever!)  Everyone knows by now that I am a huge, huge fan of Wrapp, the social gift-giving app that lets you show some love to your friends with FREE (and bigger, better, paid) gift cards.  Every Wednesday, Wrapp lets you give a gift to yourself! Yay!

Wanna get in on Wrapp Wednesdays?

1. Download the free Wrapp app.

2. “Like” Wrapp on Facebook.

3. Stay tuned Wednesday afternoons for your free fun!

What’s the deal this week?  Give a FREE $5 Threadless gift card to three of your Facebook friends today and get a $5 Threadless gift card for yourself tomorrow!  It’s that easy! Yay!

What’s Threadless? It’s only the best graphic t-shirt site ever.  And Threadless is currently having a $9.99 t-shirt SALE!  That means you can score a shirt for five bucks!  I’m pretty excited about the “Never Date an Astronaut” shirt myself…

Are you using Wrapp?  What’s the best gift you’ve given or received? What Threadless t-shirt are you planning to buy with your Wrapp Wednesday treat?  Email me at liz@snipsnap.it!