Happy Birthday, Coupon! 5 Facts About How We Use Coupons, 125 Years Later

It’s almost September!  As we usher in all the yummy goodness of Fall, we’re also celebrating National Coupon Month!  It’s such a fitting celebration for September, since we’re all getting ready to open our wallets for the holiday season.  Get to know the coupon during September!  The more you learn now, the better shape your bank account will be in come January.

What happened 125 years ago?  This:

The very first coupon, created by the Coca-Cola company in 1887.  The offer was good for a free fountain soda, and great for skyrocketing Coca-Cola sales into today.

To celebrate National Coupon Month, Valpak conducted a survey across social networking sites, to see how coupons have evolved and why we like to use them.  Here’s just some of what they found!

1. It’s totally okay to use a coupon on a date. When asked about men who use coupons for dining out and special occasions, about 60% of women responded, “That’s my kind of man.”

2. You’re mailbox is full of money.  According to Time, the average American receives more than $1,677 per year in coupons. That’s without having to go look for them!

3. Couponers have more fun.  About 76% of women surveyed said coupons and daily deals help them afford new tastes, travels, and experiences.

4. The coupon is here to stay. More than half of consumers increased their couponing in the last few years, which means coupons are getting bigger and we’re getting better at using them.

5. Paper is popular.  80% of those surveyed use paper coupons from mailers and local newspapers. 34% use social network offers, and 19% use mobile/text coupons.

The future is bright for the coupon!  Here’s to another 125 years… and beyond!