Portrait of a US M-Commerce Shopper

From mobiThinking:

How are you using m-commerce and how does your shop-savvy measure up?

That’s what the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) set out to uncover recently, with research geared toward unlocking the secrets of US m-commerce users. The survey group is small (260), but the study is extensive and exclusive to mobile phone shoppers.

So, who are these American mobile shoppers? Here are just some of the stats:

  • They shop when the sun sets. M-sales peak during late afternoon/early evening.

  • They’re convenience freaks. The biggest motivator for the mobile shopper is “ease,” followed by mobile ads.

  • They’re multi-taskers. 64% of those studied m-shop while using other media, like TV.

  • They’re home-shoppers. 47% of m-commerce transactions happen at home (29% while “out and about,” 10% at work.)

  • They text while shopping. 76% of m-shoppers use their phones to look up prices and solicit opinions from family/friends.

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