3 Freebies, 3 Ways: Mobile Couponing at the Mall

I went to the mall with a friend a few nights ago to browse fall clothes, chit-chat, and exercise. Instead of spending money, I ended up walking out with only free stuff. All I needed was my iPhone and some mobile coupon know-how. Here’s how I scored using three different mobile methods:

1. I was most excited to use a Facebook offer I’d claimed from Bath & Body Works. (If you’re not claiming Facebook deals, you’re seriously missing out. Read about ’em here.) This offer was good for a free 2 oz. sample of lotion in the new scent, Cashmere Glow. They’re regularly $3.50, but I got my lotion for nothing AND with my “purchase” I received a coupon for a free full-size Bath & Body Works item (up to a $13 dollar value) with my next $10 purchase. Woo! I can’t wait to use this coupon, because I always shop at lot at Bath & Body Works during the holiday season, when it’s getting cold and I need frequent pumpkin pick-me-ups.

2. Today was 200 Walk-in Kicks Day with shopkick! At multiple stores. (Read all about shopkick and why I love it here.) I earned 200 kicks a piece at Macy’s, American Eagle, and Aerie – just for walking in. That’s enough kicks to redeem for a 2 dollar Starbucks gift card, but if I combine these kicks with those I’ve already earned, casually walking around the mall, I can treat myself to a fancy, fall, venti, pumpkin frappuccino, with change left over.

3. Shopping always seems to make me hungry, so I decided to use SnipSnap to score a free snack. I snipped a coupon for a free Auntie Anne’s pretzel with an 81% success rating, and the very friendly cashier at the Auntie Anne’s stand honored it just like a paper coupon. I was so excited! Nothing beats a salty, savory pretzel meal for free!

So, there you have it! You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun every time you take a stroll through the mall. And if you utilize all the ways you can save with your mobile phone, all you have to do is hold your hand out for a freebie (or two).