Kindle Classics: Are you Using Your iPhone to Read for Free?

You don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books. You can also download Kindle reader apps for your smart phone or tablet. Find out how to get them here!

If you’d like to become more of a lit snob, but you don’t want to buy all the books (or the shelving) consider Amazon’s Free Kindle Classics Collection. With over 2,200 titles, the Kindle Classics collection is pretty extensive, and it’s a cinch to send ebooks to your phone. Want to get your Dickens on?

It’s easy. Download the free Kindle app for your phone/tablet. You can sign in with your Amazon account to register and sync the app, and then you’re all set to send free books, wirelessly, from the Amazon site to your Kindle app. This is what it looks like to complete a wireless, one-click order:

When you purchase a book, you’re given the option to share it with your social networks. Here’s what I’ve got going on in my Kindle app right now:

Everything from Les Miserables to How and When to Be Your Own Doctor costs nothing! Of course, I’m not going to limit my reading to the classics because they’re free, but the Kindle app is a pretty great intro to eReading, which is much more economical and, I think, more convenient on the whole. So when I’m craving something more contemporary, I can get it for cheap. And when I feel like snuggling up with Jane Eyre and reliving my freshman year of college, I can do that for free. But it’s an even better experience because the Kindle iPhone app lets me look up foreign or, ahem, “big” words, locate words or phrases throughout the text, and consult book extras for quick info to fill in comprehension gaps. (Hey, they happen!)

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