Get Your Levi’s on: It’s Wrapp Wednesday!

It’s my favorite day of the week! Are you using Wrapp? (Read why you totally should here.)

Wrapp’s one one my favorite mobile gift giving apps because it lets you send small free and big paid gift cards to your Facebook friends. It’s an amazing way to send little treats or serious gifts to anyone in your social circle and it makes being a great friend so much easier. Ordinarily, you can’t give gift cards to yourself, but, each Wednesday, Wrapp throws all the rules out the window and offers a deal you can claim just for yourself (and a few friends, of course). This week’s offer? Send a free, $10 gift card to any two of your Facebook friends today, and receive a free $10 dollar Levi’s gift card for yourself tomorrow!

It’s that easy! But you’ve got to hurry up. This Wrapp Wednesday deal is so good, there are only 500 to go around.  So send your gift cards out STAT.