Men More Likely to M-Shop

From: Men More Likely to Go Mobile Shopping |

One would think women like to shop so much, their collective habit would just as quickly overwhelm men in the m-commerce world. (Picture all those men at the mall, lagging behind, hopeless, holding overstuffed Louis Vuitton purses – you could just as easily picture this sad scene in the realm of m-commerce, too.) “Not so,” says a recent study from uSamp, a market research firm. The uSamp research shows that, while a still impressive 34% of women have made purchases via mobile phone, 45% of their male counterparts have become savvy mobile shoppers. What both men and women m-shoppers have in common are the times and places they’re prompted to pull out their phones. The uSamp survey shows we all hate to wait, since m-shoppers are most active in offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, and class rooms.

But there’s one area of m-commerce women still dominate and (perhaps) always will: Women are way more likely to use mobile coupons. In fact, when it comes to mobile coupon use, the overall uSamp m-commerce numbers reverse: 44% of women use mobile coupons, while only 35% of men are in on the same deals. Come on, guys! You still need to get with it!