SnipSnap Success at Barnes & Noble

Reading is really way too expensive. I’ve written two books but I still can’t imagine paying full price to read one (horrible, I know). But, with your smart phone, there are now ways to read for less or even for free. Not too long ago I blogged about using the free Kindle app to read any of Amazon’s thousands of free Kindle Classics on your phone. Today, I had to make an emergency book nerd trip to Barnes & Noble so I could buy Coming Through Slaughter by Michael Ondaatje. Of course, I started snipsnapping in anticipation at red lights on the way over and, by the time I walked through the book store doors, I was fully armed with this 20% off one item coupon – just what I needed for my small, impromptu purchase.

The cashier was extremely friendly and had no problem punching in the numbers beneath the coupon’s bar code.

The good news? My $14 book only cost me $11.20. The bad news? My successful shopping trip was somewhat marred when I ran over a dead skunk on my way home. The silver lining? I’ve already snipsnapped quite a few car wash coupons.