SnipSnap: The Beauty of Coupon Bundles

SnipSnap stands alone because it actually lets you create mobile optimized offers from those print coupons that get lost in your junk drawer or hang on your fridge forever after they’ve expired. And the whole SnipSnap process can be accomplished in seconds per coupon (much faster than that thing you used to do with scissors and baseball card holders). What’s even better than snipsnapping individual coupons? Snipsnapping coupon bundles!

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What are coupon bundles? They’re groups of coupons you can import to SnipSnap in one shot, using the QR codes you’ll find in newspapers and magazines. How can you get tons of coupons in just one snip? Load the camera in your SnipSnap app, select the QR code option in the bottom right hand side of the screen, and hover over the code you want to capture.

Instantly, all of the coupons in that paper/magazine/mailer are snipped and stored in SnipSnap. Don’t need all of the deals you’ve imported? Just snip the coupons you want to keep, and hit “Dismiss” to get rid of the rest. It’s that easy. You’ve just saved yourself a ton of time and money.

Recent in-app coupon bundles from Sister-Save-a-lot

Keep a look out for SnipSnap coupon bundles in your favorite publications. And make sure you check out the Discover Screen to snag exclusive coupon bundles from some of the top couponers in the country.