SnipSnap CEO Ted Mann Saves at Babies”R”Us with NBC New York

From: Coupons for Your Smartphone | NBC New York.

This week, SnipSnap’s CEO Ted Mann went shopping with NBC’s Lynda Baquero, to show off how SnipSnap works at Babies”R”Us, one of the number one places you should be using mobile coupons (because, seriously, who remembers print coupons while juggling a couple of kids?) How much did Ted save on diapers and a baby monitor in five seconds with his iPhone? $91. Which is kind of incredible. How did he do it? SnipSnap users are uploading Babies”R”Us coupons every day, and when you use these high value coupons for your bigger buys, you’ll end up scoring huge discounts. Check out some of these Babies”R”Us coupons in the SnipSnap app right now:

Are you a busy, frugal mom or dad on Android? Don’t worry! You’ll be able to SnipSnap from your phone later this month.

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