SnipSnap Quick Tip: How to Change Expiration Dates

SnipSnap is great because it creates mobile offers from print coupons. It recreates promotional codes and bar codes that can be scanned from your iPhone screen, and it reminds you when your coupons are about to expire. Getting a heads up about when my deals are about to go bad is one of my favorite features of SnipSnap, because there’s just no way to have that level of awareness when you’re dealing with strictly print coupons alone. Sometimes, though, you’ll find a coupon someone snipsnapped in a rush. If it’s blurry and its expiration date is written in extremely fine print (they often are), the expiration date might not get integrated into the mobile offer’s data.

Here’s an example:

This a high-value coupon for $4 off Wegmans laundry detergent. But, if you look closely, you’ll see it doesn’t have an expiration date like all of my other SnipSnap coupons. But, when I “Tap to Redeem” and look at the picture more closely, I can see that this coupon actually expired on 6/30/12. How could I have changed the date on this coupon so SnipSnap would have told me to use it?

If you want to change or augment any data on your SnipSnap coupons, just click the “More” button on the coupon’s main screen. You’ll be taken to this page:

If you don’t see an expiration date listed, all you have to do is find it on the face of the coupon and type it into the “Expiration Date” line on the data page. It’s that simple. Then SnipSnap will chime in when your coupon’s about to expire, so you truly never will miss another deal again. And you won’t have any expired coupons accumulating with all of your good coupons either. How do you know that a coupon’s missing an expiration date, without searching through all of your coupons? Each individual store lists coupons by expiration date – the ones with missing data are the ones under “Do Not Expire.” So make sure you find them and fix ’em up!