Cut Cash AND Calories with New Olive Garden Mobile Coupon

Eating out is great, but it really does start to feel gross after a while. So if, by the end of the day, you’re short on time and calories, Olive Garden is a great place to eat. Olive Garden is one of those restaurants you should definitely “like” on Facebook because it regularly dishes out Offers to its fans. What’s up this week? Claim this offer for $5 off two dinner entrees, including entrees from the new, vamped up “Lighter Fare” menu, which offers pasta, seafood, and chicken dishes for less than 575 calories each. When you claim your offer, your coupon will be mailed to you and you can redeem it right from your smart phone. And you can even claim one half of the savings if you need to; if your dinner buddy wants to order a pizza and an appetizer, you can still apply the $2.50 discount to your entree.

Oh yes, and I should also mention that the Lighter Fare menu items are actually really good. I’m a fan of the Linguine alla Marinara myself. You have until October 25 to use this coupon but, if you miss this deal, don’t worry. You can always SnipSnap an Olive Garden coupon whenever you want.