Shopkick Referrals: Earn 2,500 Kicks for Each Friend You Successfully Convert

If you want to earn mega kicks with shopkick, it turns out shopping isn’t actually your best bet. You can earn around 500 kicks in a solid day of shopkicking at the mall, but you can potentially earn up to 2,500 kicks per friend referral for your first 100 referred friends.

That’s 2,500 kicks or $10 x 100 = a whopping potential $1,000 dollars worth of kicks for you.

In order for friend referrals to work to your benefit, your friends have to sign up for shopkick using the unique referral web links you’ll send them with your invitations. And you’ll only earn kicks at the same rate they do: if a friend earns just 60 kicks in her first month of shopkicking, that’s all you’ll get for referring her. But, hey, I earned just about 2,500 kicks in my first month of shopkicking, without any referral-kick-hungry friends breathing down my back, so it’s not unreasonable to expect you’ll earn a significant amount of kicks by inviting just about everyone you know. I’ve just started inviting my friends; I’ll update once I see the kicks roll in.