SnipSnap Success: Carlene Danning

Recently, I got to catch up with another SnipSnapper, Carlene Danning from Oceanside, Ca. Carlene has only been redeeming mobile coupons for the last few weeks, after stumbling across SnipSnap in the app store. Already, she’s saved her family almost $300! So I asked Carlene about her SnipSnap strategy:

What is the best/most memorable purchase you’ve made with SnipSnap?

My most memorable purchase was at Target; I got $303 worth of groceries for $154!

Did you use traditional coupons before you switched to mobile coupons?

I never used coupons before SnipSnap; it always just seemed so complicated to go through the newspapers and websites to find a couple coupons that would be helpful.

What is your SnipSnapĀ strategy?

My strategy with SnipSnap is to, first, search for the store I’m planning to go to. Then I’ll browse through some of the coupons in the user feed on the Discover screen – just in case!

What stores do you use SnipSnap at most?

I use SnipSnap at Target mostly, but I check for coupons where ever we go!

What do your friends and family think about mobile couponing?

I tell everyone I talk to about how great SnipSnap is! So far I’ve gotten 3 people hooked!

Thanks for chatting with me, Carlene!

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