Wegmans-Issued Mobile Coupons Coming Soon

Just now, I received my very first e-coupon from Wegmans for $1 off any Gillian’s Gluten Free Product. The bad news? This is a “print only” coupon. The good news? It should be a mobile coupon soon. The better news? There are mobile coupons you can redeem at Wegmans in the SnipSnap app right now.

Just to be clear: You should absolutely be able to redeem SnipSnapped print Wegmans store coupons off of your mobile phone. I’ve personally had success ¬†with both SnipSnap and SavingStar at Wegmans. (Click here to read Mo’ Money’s mobile savings guide for Wegmans.)

These new coupons are the first of Wegmans’ exclusive e-coupons. (Sign up for Wegmans Shoppers Club/emails here.) Hopefully, Wegmans will start integrating these new offers into its app, which I currently never use because it lacks mobile savings opportunities. From the looks of things, Wegmans is taking the hint about mobile coupons. For a grocery store that is, for the most part, “cutting edge,” it would shock me not to see Wegmans take advantage of more mobile couponing opportunities the way other stores¬†have.

For now, make sure you check out all of the mobile coupons you can redeem at Wegmans right now in SnipSnap’s coupon database. Make sure you stack these offers with SavingStar manufacturers coupons and Punchcard loyalty rewards to shave hundreds off your holiday grocery bill this season!