Price Match or Mobile Coupon? RedLaser vs. SnipSnap

It’s the holiday season! And big box retailers like Target and Black Friday powerhouses like Toys”R”Us are price matching competitor’s prices this year. Find an item in one of these stores for cheaper using price scanning apps like RedLaser, and you could make your purchase for the absolute lowest price possible, regardless of what’s printed on the price tag. And, since most stores apply store coupons before performing a price match, it seems like couponing is no longer worth the effort. So I headed to my local Target to see if I really could make that much headway with price matching, or weather couponing was still the real deal.

I needed to pick up a quick Christmas gift for my two little cousins, so I snagged this two-for-one sister Barbie set:

On the shelf in the Target store, this set was $19.99. When I scanned it with RedLaser, I was able to find it for a dollar cheaper on

The Target store would have honored that lower price, but I decided to SnipSnap a coupon for $5 off any Barbie toy $19 or higher:

And I saved 5 dollars instead of one!

Bottom line: Holiday price matching is great, but stores are already aware of competitors when they price their merchandise anyway, so you’re not going to score a huge deal in most cases. Coupons are still the way to go. TIP: Before you buy, check to see if you store matches competitors’ coupons.