SnipSnap Holiday Headlines: Why Couponing Trumps Black Fiday Deals

All this week, I’ve been blogging about holiday shopping: what’s worth it and what’s not. There are a ton of ways you can save on holiday gifts and indulgences, but most people get sucked into the mindset that rolling your overstuffed, post-Thanksgiving self into line on Black Friday Eve is the best way to go. But then there’s many big box retailers’ new holiday price matching, plus social media deals. And what about coupons?

Turns out, couponing can be a far easier, more efficient, less sanity taxing way to get your bargain shopping fix this holiday season. SnipSnapping coupons can outdo online price matching and Black Friday deals in one giant swoop without the wait in those crazy lines.

Check out CNYCetral’s feature about Black Friday insanity and holiday shopping strategy. One of CNY’s top saving tips: SnipSnap

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