Fix Your Black Friday with SnipSnap

So, you’re out Black Friday shopping – you’re tired and you’re hungry for turkey leftovers so you start making bad decisions. It happens to the best of us. Here’s how to diagnose your top five Black Friday shopping blunders and, better yet, how to fix them with mobile coupons.

  1. You Don’t Need a Full-Priced Meal. Hungry? Of course. You’ve been through a whirlwind, between yesterday’s binge eating and today’s marathon at the mall. It’s easy to make bad decisions when you’re out shopping, especially when you’re buzzed off a good deal. Don’t! Make sure you SnipSnap a coupon for your favorite eatery and use it to save more, not eat more. SnipSnapped a coupon for a free appetizer? Treat it like an entree (because, trust me, the portions are huge) and get dinner for two for the price of one. Check out the Meal Deals coupon bundle on the Discover screen, or search by restaurant name in the SnipSnap database.
  2. You CAN Use Coupons. It’s true. Lot’s of retailers’ prices are as low as they’ll go on Black Friday, which means that many coupons are void on America’s favorite shopping day. But some of them still work! Check out this $5 off your $50 purchase at Target coupon. It’s good until the 29th – no exclusions!
  3. Black Friday Doesn’t Always Get You The Best Deals. Can’t use your coupons on Black Friday? So what? Use them another day. Aside from door buster deals, a lot of items aren’t at a significant discount. SnipSnap some high-value coupons, like these for Toys”R”Us, and save more without the Black Friday lines.
  4. Make a List, Check it Twice, And Don’t Buy Anything Else. It’s really easy to get carried away on Black Friday, with everyone excitedly shoving each other out of the way for toasters and microwave ovens. It almost feels like the apocalypse or at least a national disaster, except, instead of running for cover, you’re running for clothing and accessories. Figure out what deals you want and stick to them. Anything else? Put it back and buy it later. This give you time to A) consider whether or not you really need it and B) SnipSnap coupons for better deals the rest of the year.
  5. Stack SnipSnap with More Mobile Savings. Make sure you take advantage of all the ways you can save in seconds with your smart phone this holiday season. Scout the best gas prices with GasBuddy, get paid to shopkick, earn manufacturer rebates with Ibotta and store loyalty rewards with Punchcard. There is no limit to how many ways you can save with your phone!