Stack and Save at Stop & Shop: 5 Ways to Slash Your Bill with Your Smart Phone

It’s holiday time! And, as part of my ongoing series of grocery store profiles, I’m breaking down all the mobile ways you can save at Stop & Shop, all year round.

(Don’t stop at Stop & Shop? Visit the Mo’ Money Mobile Store Guide to find out have to save with your smart phone at your local grocery store.)

Here’s how to save big bucks at Stop & Shop in 5 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for My Stop & Shop to get access to in-store sales and savings. Your loyalty card is the foundation for all your savings, because store sales stack with all other methods of mobile saving. Even better? Your Stop & Shop loyalty card allows you to participate in the Stop & Shop Gas Rewards Program. Every thirty days, you’ll receive 1 point per dollar spent; for ever hundred points you earn, you’ll save ten cents per gallon at Stop & Shop gas stations.
  2. Download the Stop & Shop app and always keep your store’s weekly circular at your fingertips. While the Stop & Shop app isn’t super-comprehensive, it will allow you to paperlessly plan your weekly shopping trips based on what’s on sale. Link your loyalty card, and you can keep track of how much you’ve saved.
  3. Link your Stop & Shop card to your SavingStar and Upromise accounts and load manufacturer coupons to your account. You’ll be able to pair those offers with both Stop & Shop store sales and coupons.
  4. SnipSnap Stop & Shop store coupons. The SnipSnap database is constantly being updated with new Stop & Shop store coupons, which can be stacked with store sales + Upromise and SavingStar offers. Check out this coupons for free ice cream!
  5. Self Check-out with Scan it!. The Scan It! app lets you scan items as you load them into your grocery cart and self-check out with your smart phone. The app rewards you with exclusive offers as you shop, based on what you buy. Check out the demo video: