How to Redeem Mobile Coupons Successfully

I absolutely love hearing about and reporting on shoppers’ success in saving hundreds with the SnipSnap app. We get a lot of exciting feedback, but, of course, sometimes things don’t go as smoothly at the register as we’d love them to. There are a few reasons you might have a shaky or unsuccessful mobile couponing experience; today, I’m going to lay them out, so you’ll have all the information you need to score the absolute best (and most lucrative) mobile couponing experiences possible.

  1. Make Sure Your Coupons are Yours. There are generally two types of coupons that you should A) mark private if they’re yours and B) skip if they’re not. These are receipt coupons (often referred to as Catalina coupons) specified “for original recipient use only” (and often also labeled as “Manufacturer Coupons”) and Loyalty Rewards coupons earned with a shopper’s purchases and labeled with his or her individual name or account number. It’s important to remember that mobile offers work just like printed offers and are not meant to bend the rules. SnipSnapped coupons must abide by the same policies as any other coupon, so make sure you read the fine print before you redeem.
  2. Be Confident! (And Firm, but Polite.) So much of successful coupon redemption (with print coupons and mobile coupons alike) has to do with your approach. Make sure you go into checkout expecting your transaction to be a success. What to say at the register: “Here’s my coupon!” What not to say at the register: “Do you accept this app here?”, “Do you know what this app is?”,  “I think this coupon should work.” Confidence is contagious, and the more assured you are, the more cooperative your cashier will be. The best way to present your mobile coupons to your cashier? Get him or her excited too! My transactions are always the most enjoyable (and successful) when I can recruit a new mobile couponer at the register.
  3. Be Prepared. Of course, I’ve heard my share of silly SnipSnap rejections. My favorite? “I’m sorry, Ma’am, but if I scan the bar code on your phone, I’ll break it.” Let’s face it: Mobile couponing is cutting edge, and not everyone working at your favorite grocery store is in the loop (yet). Most of the time, you can explain to your cashier (or his or her store manager) exactly how the process works and resolve any confusion. Remember: SnipSnapped coupons are simply mobile optimized print offers. They include the same bar code, expiration date, and exclusions.
  4. Don’t worry. It is within any retailer’s right to decline any coupon at any time. If you have a less-than-stellar experience at one retailer’s location, you might have better success at another store. The best part about shopping is that a lot of retail power is in the hands of you, the consumer. If one store will not honor mobile coupons, move on to one that does.
  5. Stay tuned. If you have an experience with a store that doesn’t honor your mobile coupons, don’t worry. SnipSnap is currently working with major retailers to improve redemption rates across the board at all store locations. In the future, we expect redemption rates at all retailers to be better than ever. Make sure to consult the Mo’ Money Mobile Store Guide while planning future shopping trips, to stay up-to-date on each store’s mobile couponing opportunities, as well as my tips and tricks for successful redemption.
  6. Share Your Experience. The best way to help us improve redemption rates is to share all of your shopping adventures with us. Whether you’ve saved 300 dollars on groceries with SnipSnap in one trip, or you’ve encountered a mobile couponing hiccup at a particular store location, be sure to let us know so we can continue to enhance your SnipSnap experience and increase your mobile savings. Email me at and fill me in on how SnipSnap’s working for you!