New Dick’s Sporting Goods App + Passbook Offer + $40 Savings with SnipSnap

I know, I know. It’s the holiday season and you just want to sit around and eat. Sometimes, I do too, but the more crisp, winter runs I get under my belt, the more energized I feel and the less of a Christmas cookie monster I become. If you’re one of those people who likes to begin each new year with a fresh fitness resolution, why not start now? That way, it won’t be quite as depressing to start from scratch on January 1st (and you you won’t have to fight off nearly as many post-holiday pounds). Want to save $40 on running shoes at Dick’s Sporting Goods with your smart phone? Read on!

A few weeks ago, I blogged about how to score Nike Frees for half the cost at Sports Authority. Today, I’m talking about how to save at Dick’s Sporting Goods. First things, first: When you consult the SnipSnap database before a sporting goods shopping haul, make sure you search for Sports Authority and Dick’s Sporting Goods coupons, no matter which you’re planning to visit, because each chain honors the other’s store coupons.

Second: If you’re a runner, camper, ice hockey player, whatever: make sure you sign up for Dick’s Loyalty ScoreCard  program and download the Dick’s Sporting Goods app. You can create a mobile version of your ScoreCard to use each time you check out. When you pay with your ScoreCard, you’ll earn 1 point for each dollar you spend. For each 300 points you earn, you’ll receive a $10 rewards certificate. There are lots of ways you can earn bonus points, too. For example, earn extra points by “liking” Dick’s on Facebook, following Dick’s on Twitter, and checking in to a Dick’s on Foursquare, via the Dick’s app.

The best way to earn points? Point coupons! Upload this offer from the Dick’s app to Passbook and use it to earn triple bonus points through today, 11/30/12.

Missed this offer? Don’t worry: there’s an even better offer in the SnipSnap app:

This deal lets you earn 300 bonus points ($10 Reward) for purchases less than $100 or 600 bonus points ($20 Reward) for purchases over $100.

What’s the best part about points coupons? Points coupons can be combined with other coupons. So, let’s say you want to purchase this pair of Mizuno running shoes, normally 124.99.

1st, SnipSnap this coupon, good for $20 off your purchase of $100 or more:

With your purchase ($104.99), you’ll also also earn 704 points, which are good for a $20 reward. So, you will save $20 on the shoes + $20 on your next purchase = $40. (Extra points roll over to your next reward, so don’t worry about losing them!)

For some perspective, a price comparison of these shoes brings up a low point of $119.00. A few weeks ago, I blogged about how to beat price scanning apps and price matching policies with SnipSnap coupons. Here is another example of how coupons are almost always the way to go!

Finally, when you do receive those loyalty rewards in the mail (you can elect to receive e-rewards you can redeem straight from your phone, too), make sure you SnipSnap them so you never lose them or forget to use them.  Make sure to mark them private!

Check out the Mo’ Money Mobile Store Guide for Dick’s Sporting Goods to keep up-to-date with redemption tips, store policies, and new ways to save.