Mobile Couponing = More Merrymaking – Savvy Smartphone Shoppers Score More at the Grocery Store

Recently, Inmar conducted a study about holiday grocery shoppers in order to find out what kind of people will save the most with their smart phones during this holiday food-hauling time of year. (Make sure you check out how I more than halved my Thanksgiving grocery bill by combining SnipSnap coupons with print and mobile manufacturer offers.)

The coolest study findings?

  • Couponers Can Spend More: 80% of shoppers surveyed reported they planned to spend as much or more on holiday entertaining this year as they have in previous years.
  • Couponing Correlates with Careful Planning: 70% of shoppers beginning their holiday meals at least one month ahead of time and 75% of shoppers will plan their shopping trips around coupons (30% percent will incorporate digital and print coupons into their shopping strategies).
  • More Men are Pushing Grocery Carts: Inmar’s study reveals the rise of what is affectionately referred to as the “mansumer.” Apparently, men are getting in on holiday meal execution in a big way, with 82% of those surveyed reporting they share in the decision-making process surrounding holiday meal planning and a whopping 44% reporting they’re the sole decision makers.

The takeaway?

Between this finding and Inmar’s other projections, we are now expecting a four-fold increase in digital coupon redemptions this holiday season.

Want to make sure you’re utilizing all possible couponing options at your local grocery store? Check out the Mo’ Money Mobile Store Guide to get a heads up on all the ways you can save with your smart phone at your favorite place to shop.