Meet SnipSnap 2.0: Everything you love, just better

screenshots_2_discoverWhen we set out to make our next update to SnipSnap, originally dubbed ver. 1.5, we had a healthy list of to-do’s. But once we started, the list grew.

Nothing was broken, per se, but there were plenty of areas of the app we badly wanted to improve: Search, stability, speed. Users kept asking for a way to organize coupons. Sharing with other users was another hotly demanded feature. Oh, and that Discover screen (the most popular screen of the app by far): How about being able to filter down to only show the people you know and care about?

Well, pretty soon we wanted to rebuild much of SnipSnap from the ground up. So that’s what we did. And we’re very excited today to present you with version 2.0.

New and improved Search screen

If you’re a fan of the app, don’t worry: We didn’t veer off in a completely new direction. The dead-simple function of snapping a photo of a coupon and saving it to your phone works the same — only better. In fact, every aspect of the app is vastly improved. Coupon recognition is enhanced. Search is now lightening fast, with autocomplete, store icons, and more detailed information. And you can now communicate with us directly, via the feedback section of the Settings screen.

But we did manage do squeeze in a few features, which we hope you love. Head over to iTunes now to get it. And please, let us know what you think!
—Ted and the team at SnipSnap


Profile screen

User Profiles

When you log into v. 2.0, you’ll be asked to register and create your user profile. Part of what you’re doing is setting your preferences and creating a SnipSnap profile. It’s up to you whether to be public and share your coupons, but if you do, you’ll instantly become part of the larger SnipSnap community, and we think you’ll love the experience. [/box]


Find Friends screen

Follow Friends

Connect to the friends in your Address book, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, and follow them in SnipSnap. See what coupons they’re sharing, and what bundles they’ve created. Every time a new one of your friends joined, you’ll automatically be set up to follow them. [/box]


Discover Screen

All-New Discover Screen

The Discover screen is now the place to go to find not just featured content, but also browse all the couponing activity for the friends, family, and power-users you follow. Re-snip any of the coupons, or dig in to see more about SnipSnap’s other couponistas. We spent months trying to get the experience here just right, and we hope you love it as much as we do. [/box]


Sample Coupon Bundle

Coupon Bundles

When you’ve been using SnipSnap long enough, chances are you’d like a way to organize your coupons — say, for a trip to the mall, or by category. You can now create coupon “bundles” to do this. What’s more, you can follow bundles created by other users and publishers, like newspapers and bloggers (including Mo Money’s Liz!)! [/box]