SnipSnap 2.0 Quick Tip: How to Search for the Best Deals

One of SnipSnap 2.0‘s latest and greatest features? An improved search tool for faster, more efficient snipping. How does it work? First things first: there are three top ways you can easily search for coupons that meet your individual needs using the new SnipSnap 2.0 search bar:

  1. Search by Store or Restaurant: If you’re headed to Target and you want to plan your shopping trip based oScreen Shot 2012-12-28 at 2.07.39 PMn all your available options, just search “Target” in the search bar of the “Search” screen. You’ll only have to type in the first couple letters of a store’s name before SnipSnap intuits what you’re looking for and provides the option for you. Tap on the Target store listing when it pops up, and hundreds of SnipSnapped Target store coupons will immediately appear.
  2. Search by BScreen Shot 2012-12-28 at 2.12.15 PMrand: Even though SnipSnap does not yet support manufacturer coupons, you can still search for store coupons for a specific brand of, let’s say, toy. If you’re shopping for a birthday present for a little girl, and you want to consult your options for the best Barbie coupons, just type “Barbie” in the SnipSnap search bar, and you’ll see all your Barbie couponing options across all stores.Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 2.12.07 PM
  3. Search by Category: In the mood to eat chicken for dinner? Search “Chicken” in the SnipSnap search bar and you’ll get coupons for all the deals on chicken at your local grocery stores. Your search will also pull fast food and restaurant offers for chicken sandwiches and dinner entrees (in case you don’t feel like cooking).

It’s incredibly easy to find whatever deals you’re looking for in SnipSnap 2.0. Here are some more tips to help you easily and quickly scan for the best coupons once your search results are returned:

  • Consult the icons next to each coupon in your search screen. When you’re redeeming a mobile coupon at the register, it always helps to have the most information possible on hand. That’s why I prefer coupons that include a bar code and/or promo code. When I search for coupons based on store, brand, or category, I’ll see icons next to each coupon that tell me whether or not that coupon has a bar code and/or a promo code I can hand over for faster, easier redemption.
  • Check expiration dates. You’re most likely to have success with a coupon that has an expiration date displayed next to its listing in the “Search” screen. These coupons have successfully captured expiration dates and are current, valid offers.

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 2.32.55 PM

Follow these tips, and you’re in for a successful mobile couponing experience. SnipSnap 2.0 makes it incredibly easy to custom search for the coupons that are relevant to you. Make sure you check out my other SnipSnap 2.0 Quick Tips: “How to Create Coupon Bundles,” “Regional Coupons, “and “Can I Keep My Old Coupons?” and stay tuned for more SnipSnap 2.0 success tips to come!