SnipSnap and Never Forget to Save with Restaurant Surveys Again

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 2.43.29 PMTwo of my absolute favorite places to have dinner in the world? The Cheesecake Factory and Iron Hill Brewery. I can spend a lot of money at both places, which stinks because neither issues coupons. The solution? Both restaurants do offer frequent customer service survey opportunities to diners on their receipts. I probably get a survey opportunity every four or five times I dine out at either restaurant and each survey is worth something pretty sweet, like $5 off a future $20 purchase. But, this is what typically happens to people when they receive a restaurant survey: They finish their giant, heaping meals, enter a sort of semi food coma, say, “Yeah, yeah that’s wonderful” when their server tells them they can get free food for answering a few questions, bury the receipt in a coat pocket, and forget about it. If this happens to you (it happened to me) you could be missing out on hundreds of dollars of free food a year.

Not so with SnipSnap! Now, whenever I get a restaurant survey, I make it a policy to take it using my phone’s web browser while I wait for the server to run my credit card. Then, when I get the coupon code at the end of the survey, I take a screen capture of it.Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 2.47.49 PM

Use this button to upload a photo/screen capture you've already taken.
Use this button to upload a photo/screen capture you’ve already taken.

I take a picture of my receipt with my check number and survey id number too. These two images serve as the front and back of my new, custom mobile coupon. I mark the coupon private (Hey, I earned it!) and then, next time I visit one of my favorite restaurants, SnipSnap will send me a location alert to remind me about my deal. It’s that easy!

TIP: Make sure you capture the name of the restaurant on your receipt or on the survey site when you take/upload your pictures. YoScreen Shot 2013-01-11 at 2.42.12 PMu will usually find information about when your coupon expires on your receipt. Unfortunately, instead of a specific calendar date, it will usually read something like, “This coupon expires 14 days from now.” If the expiration date on your coupon is worded this way, you’ll need to edit your SnipSnapped coupon to reflect the exact expiration date in order to receive an expiration reminder.

That’s it! With SnipSnap, you can coupon, even at restaurants that don’t issue traditional coupons! Think of all the french fries and pot stickers you’ll never have to pay for again…