How to SnipSnap Successfully at CVS

SnipSnap 2.1 launched this week with some really cool new fixes and features. We’ve made it easier to search for friends and possible Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 1.12.42 PMto preview deals before you snip them. It’s now simpler to delete your expired coupons so they don’t clutter your collection, and we’re deleting much more coupons that don’t meet our quality control, like coupons with missing bar codes and those that should be privatized.

Which coupons should be marked private? Anything with your name, address, loyalty card number, or language that states the coupon is for use by the original recipient only. Also, store “dollars” like Kohl’s Cash, Old Navy Super Cash, and CVS ExtraBucks are issued because of purchases you made and shouldn’t be shared with anyone else. Why should these coupons be marked private? If they’re your coupons, you want to make sure your savings stay yours. If they’re someone else’s coupons, you don’t want to plan an entire shopping trip around them, only to be unsuccessful at the register.

The new SnipSnap is purging more coupons that should be privatized from the general SnipSnap database. (Don’t worry – any coupons you snip will still stay in your account.) Just look at our success ratings!

This is a loyalty coupon. Mark it private!
This is a loyalty coupon. Mark it private!

They’re better than ever.

But the system isn’t perfect (yet), so here’s a quick tip about how to tell which coupons are yours for the taking, and which coupons are less likely to work, because they’re linked to someone else’s loyalty card. Take CVS for example:

CVS’s loyalty program, ExtraCare, issues catalina coupons to members at the register. These coupons are black and white receipts based on your account’s activity and they’re typically one of two kinds of really great deals: dollars off a specific store item or “ExtraBucks” you can use like store gift cards the next time you shop. Both kinds of catalina coupons are linked to your loyalty card, so you’ll need to present the store card with the same number as the number printed on the coupons to redeem them.

Which means that, when you receive ExtraCare coupons with your CVS receipts, you should mark them private and, vice versa, when you’re searching the SnipSnap database, you should know that these coupons won’t be as successful.

This is a general CVS coupon. It's yours for the taking!
This is a general CVS coupon. It’s yours for the taking!

(Read all about CVS’s ExtraCare program and mobile couponing opportunities here.)

However, CVS issues lots of great store coupons that anyone can use. These coupons are usually red and have the CVS logo. They scan easily at the register and can be used in unison to save a ton of money on a CVS shopping haul. I just redeemed this offer for two dollars off any Dove body wash yesterday:

The moral of the story? We want your SnipSnap experience to be as successful as possible, so we want to make sure you’re snipping smart. There are a ton of great CVS coupons in the app right now for beauty and nutrition purchases. Check them out and start saving at CVS today!