Ibotta vs. Endorse: What’s The Best Way to Get Paid to Shop?

I’ve posted a lot in the past about my experiences with Ibotta, an interactive, mobile shopping app that pays you money back for buying certain products at certain retailers. Users earn money back in increments of 25 or 50 cents (up to a total of 50 cents to about $1.25 per product) for learning product facts, taking polls, watching videos, and posting on Facebook. In order to redeem an Ibotta offer, users simply purchase the specified item, upload their receipt, and scan the item’s bar code with their smartphone.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 1.44.35 PM

I like Ibotta a lot, especially because I don’t have to switch back and forth between mobile applications if I want to save with SnipSnap and Ibotta in the same shopping trip (since Ibotta redemption don’t involve anything at check out). I’m not crazy about my savings being limited to specific brands, but that’s how I thought all coupons workeScreen Shot 2013-01-30 at 1.43.37 PMd, so I never considered any other way. I’m really big on being a holistic saver and mindful shopper, however, so I keep tabs on which Ibotta offers are for things I would ordinarily shop for, and which are simply tempting me to buy more of what I don’t need.

Yesterday, I downloaded the app endorse and took it for a spin. Endorse is similar to Ibotta in the way it crowd-sources consumer data by rewarding users with cash back for uploading their receipts. Endorse even allows users to “upgrade” offers by posting about products to Facebook. But here’s where endorse is totally different than Ibotta: many endorse offers reward users for buying items of any brand. Whereas Ibotta would reward you for buying, say, Lady Speed Stick, endorse would reward you for buying the same old, cheapo store brand deodorant you’ve been buying since you were 17.

Yay! I caught a pretty nasty cold last weekend and, since then, I’ve been reduced to bio-hazard/compulsive, compensatory cleaner. I’ve blown through a lot of paper towels, so I needed to pick up some more. I never buy brand name paper towels because I can usually SnipSnap a store coupon for Wegmans brand name paper towels, which are way cheaper. When I opened up endorse, I was pretty stoked to see an offer for 30% off anyScreen Shot 2013-01-30 at 1.44.49 PM brand of paper towels. There were absolutely no restrictions on this offer (in terms of brand, size, store); as long as you purchased a roll (or a pack) and could prove it with your receipt, you made 30% back. Best part about this endorse offer? I can stack it with my Wegmans store coupons (endorse rewards are issued according to the after-store-coupon price).

I’m pretty pleased. I received my 50 cent reward in endorse shortly after I uploaded a picture of my receipt. To fill the space left by the paper towel offer, I received a new offer for 10% off any brand of tooth paste. Which is great! I’m a total diva about my very obscure, organic toothpaste. I really can’t ever see Ibotta offering me a deal on my favorite brand, but endorse will throw me a bone for basically anything my heart desires.

Right now, endorse doesn’t offer quite as many offers at a time as Ibotta. It’s also not as flashy or visually appealing at the Ibotta app. But it’s way more practical for someone as picky about her purchases as I am. I’m really excited to add endorse to my savings arsenal.

What you need to know about using endorse:

  • You have six days from purchase date to upload a receipt.
  • You can receive payment via PayPal or check (after you’ve reached $25.00 in savings).
  • After you upload 10 receipts, endorse will give you a $5 credit you can donate to the school of your choice.
  • Endorse will pay you $1 for every friend you successfully refer.

Download endorse now and start inviting your friends!