Mobile Coupons: 10 Billion Strong This Year.

From: 10B mobile coupons to be redeemed this year: Juniper Research – Mobile Commerce Daily – ResearchScreen Shot 2013-01-31 at 3.49.50 PM

Mobile Commerce Daily reported today that a new study, conducted by Juniper Research, projects that we’ll collectively cash in 10 billion mobile coupons this year, 50% more than we redeemed in 2012. The study links the dramatic increase in mobile coupon redemption to the birth of Apple’s Passbook, which allows mobile shoppers to store and collect mobile coupons, plus the fact that mobile couponing is, well, much cooler than that whole cut and file thing our grandmothers used to do. Mobile coupons are quick, easy, and social. It takes a considerable amount of time to clip ads out of the Sunday paper, organize them by category and expiration date, and file through them before a shopping trip. If you’re not a traditional print couponer, you might just be busy. But, if you’re not a mobile couponer, you’re simply wasting a ton of money.

And that goes for retailers too:

“Arguably, that retailers are finally coming on board,” said Windsor Holden, research director at Juniper Research. “There’s recognition amongst retailers that mobile isn’t just something that they ought to do, it’s something that they have to do if they wish to remain competitive.

Ultimately, mobile coupons just drive way more traffic than their print counterparts. The staggering stats? Mobile coupons have a 10% redemption rate, while only 1% of print coupons ever make it to the register. Mobile coupons pull the most weight for retailers who hope to “tip the balance” in their favor when it comes to consumer impulse buys. Instant couponing means instant gratification, which, lets face it, is what America loves most.Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 3.50.00 PM

I’ve always seriously loved a great deal and I’d usually intend to redeem a valuable print coupon when I’d see one. If I didn’t forget it at home, I usually did, but those coupons were so few and far between – you wouldn’t see me in a store in the interim. Since I started using SnipSnap, I can walk into any store, any time, armed with a whole arsenal of coupons. I shop more, I save more, but only at stores and restaurants that honor my mobile offers (fortunately for me, most of then do). Before, couponing used to be an occasional treat; now, I can’t imagine walking into any retail or restaurant experience without a mobile coupon.

But the paper coupon has been around forever (125 years to be exact!) and isn’t likely going anywhere soon, so, while mobile coupons are on the horizon, mobilized print coupons are the best way to get the most deals now. With SnipSnap, you not only have the ability to mobilize the print offers you receive in your mailbox, you have access to the tens of thousands of coupons others have snipped across the country.

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