Ibotta Version 1.2: New Offers, New Stores, Easier Location

Today, Ibotta launched its new version 1.2, which features a new “nearby stores” location selector, new and improScreen Shot 2013-02-05 at 2.15.16 PMved offers, and permanent deletion of undesirable offers. (For my full review of Ibotta, read here.) As always, Ibotta’s list of compatible retailers is ever-growing: as of this new update, it now includes Wegmans and Winn-Dixie.

What I love:

I love that Ibotta is now compatible with my favorite grocery store ever: Wegmans. I like the new variety of offers, and it’s pretty convenient that I can immediately remove offers I never plan on redeeming. I also love the new nearby store locator, which makes it so much easier to plan where I want to shop and redeem.

What I don’t love:

Immediately deleted offers are not immediately replaced with new offers and, even though Ibotta tells me it’s getting smarter each time I thumbs up or down, I don’t really see any evidence (yet) that my future Ibotta offers are being tailored to my tastes/needs based on my feedback.

It’s also still not immediately obvious (as least for me) how to tell Ibotta which kinds of offers you like and want Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 3.08.23 PMto receive more of, and which you’d rather not see again. (In order to give an offer thumbs up or thumbs down, tap the “information” icon in the top right-hand corner of an offer screen.)

What I really, really love:

I love that Ibotta offers are completely self-redeeming; there’s nothing users have to do at checkout to claim a deal. Which means Ibotta offers are easily stackable with SnipSnap store coupons, as well as SavingStar and Upromise offers, plus printed manufacturer coupons.