Free Wrapp Gift Cards to H&M + Jimmyjane = Free Valentine’s Day Goodies

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 3.17.06 PMLately, I haven’t been too impressed with the selection of free gift cards in the Wrapp app. (New to Wrapp? It’s the app that lets you send free $5-$10 gift cards (and larger paid gift cards) to your Facebook friends. Read my original review here.) Gone are the days of my free Sephora and Gap shopping sprees. Most of the free gift cards in the Wrapp app now are subscriptions and not redeemable for actual merchandise, but, every once in a while, Wrapp offers a “give some get one” promotion, where you can give free gift cards to stores like H&M and get a free gift card for yourself in return. Right now, in honor of the Valentine’s Day season, Wrapp is offering free $6 H&M gift cards to users who send free H&M gift cards to three friends (recipients must not already use Wrapp). $6 to H&M will buy you a lot. I scored tScreen Shot 2013-02-06 at 3.19.08 PMhis gorgeous dress for my mom this Christmas for five bucks with a Wrapp gift card on top of store sales. Looking for a deceptively inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift? A Wrapp gift card could get you H&M lingerie for a buck.

If you’re looking to surprise your Valentine with, ahem, something a little more exciting, you can score a free $10 gift card to Jimmyjane if you give three free $5 gift certificates to friends in time for Valentine’s Day!

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