Location-based mobile coupons wildly effective at driving in-store sales

We’ve been seeing the effects of our app first-hand for months, and just how effective mobile coupons can be at driving a consumer to make an in-store transaction.

The Omnibus Company and fellow couponing site RetailMeNot quantified the findings in a different way, with a 1,000+ consumer survey recently. The numbers tell an increasingly familiar story:

About half 51% of respondents said they would be more likely to buy products in-store if they received a mobile coupon while in close proximity to the store. Younger mobile users 18-34 were more likely to do so 63% than those age 35+ 43%.Furthermore, respondents indicated that if they were already in-store when they received a mobile coupon they would be 61% more likely to make a purchase.

via Location-based mobile coupons tempt consumers in-store – Mobile Marketing – BizReport.