Now Verified: Bed Bath & Beyond


We’re very excited to announce our biggest verified retailer yet: Bed Bath & Beyond!

SnipSnap has been working with the team at Bed Bath for over a year to make sure that both the coupons they issue (via direct mail, email, magazines) as well as ones obtained through our app work great. It wasn’t an overnight project, but over the course of many months we’ve developed the rules and experience to power this partnership.

While we never disallowed Bed Bath coupons, you may have noticed that, for a while, you couldn’t re-snip someone else’s coupon. We’ve now also come up with the means for you to still discover a coupon via the app, but these are all unique to each user, and set up for single use.

Officially supporting “Big Blue” — ┬áthose beloved 20%-off coupons — has been a goal of ours since Day 1. We couldn’t be more excited. And this is just the first of many big announcements coming out in the next couple weeks.