Introducing GoodFor

We love coupons! Having spent the last two years building SnipSnap, one of the fastest growing mobile coupon apps, we’ve seen an awful lot of them —— more than 50 million retail coupons since we launched in May 2012.

The idea for GoodFor came about in one of the more unlikely places: SnipSnap’s spam filter. We found out very early on that some of our users were submitting their own do-it-yourself, personalized coupons. They promised “1 free back massage” and “1 free dinner and a movie” and IOU’s that were far more risque. And they almost always began with the phrase “Good for …”

Some of these were funny, some were touching, some were downright artistic. Of course, they weren’t “real” coupons —- or at least, not the kind you could redeem at your local mall. But we began collecting some of our favorites and admiring the creativity that went into them. For our 2012 Holiday card, we sent out a trifold with our favorites.

Looking back, that was probably when the first seed for GoodFor was planted. And then, over the last year, we kept coming back to the idea.

When I went to Career Day at my daughter’s school, and attempted to teach what I did for a living, the kids created these little coupons for their parents. “Good for 1 Clean My Room,” “Good for 1 kiss,” “Good for 1 hug.”

And as we began thinking about our 2013 Holiday card, we revisited the topic, this time wondering if we could build a web-based coupon creator. But heck, we’re an app team — why not make an app instead?

Thus was born the idea for the GoodFor app. You can download it on the app store here:

Get GoodFor

We hope you enjoy using it as much as we had fun building it. Be Good!