SnipSnap acquired by Slyce

SnipSnappers —

We’re very excited to share some news: SnipSnap has been acquired by Slyce.

Who is Slyce? They’re a company that has built image-recognition and visual-search technology unlike anything we’ve seen before. They’re based in Canada. And they’re going to help us continue growing SnipSnap into the best darn mobile coupon and shopping utility on your phone.

We first met the team from Slyce last summer, after we heard from several of our retailer partners that we simply had to get a look at what they were building. Suffice it to say, we were blown away by the speed and accuracy of Slyce’s system; snap a photo of a product, any product, and it was instantly identified! We immediately wanted this same real-time functionality to be a part of the SnipSnap app. And we soon learned, Slyce wanted to join forces with us, too.

What will this acquisition mean to the SnipSnap app? Only that it will keep getting better and better. Better coupon scanning, better verified offers, and maybe even some Canadian coupons!

Since we launched 2 years ago, SnipSnap has grown to 4 million users who have saved more than 100 million coupons. We also now have 50 national retailers — including Bed Bath & Beyond, Toys “R” Us, Aeropostale, and Lord & Taylor — who depend on us to help distribute their mobile coupons at scale. We’re committed to connecting you and them, and to helping you save some serious moolah for years to come.

Thank you to all SnipSnap users, and especially to the SnipSnap team, advisors, and investors, for helping us spark a mobile-coupon revolution. Keep on snipping!

-Ted Mann, CEO