SnipSnap Rebrand: Taco Time

After years of saving you money, we at SnipSnap are about to make some major changes. As of today, it is officially Taco Time!

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 8.25.46 AM

When you update your app, SnipSnap will be replaced with Taco Time. Now you will never forget a taco, never miss a taco.

taco discover

With Taco Time you can search for tacos in the biggest database of tacos, browse featured tacos, and save tacos to eat later. We are also using technology from our parent company, Tomato Slyce, to power taco recognition. Simply take a photo of your taco, and we will tell you all the ingredients that make your taco awesome!

Our newest feature, El Explorador, is your personal taco assistant. Snap a photo or text in a description of your taco and El Explorador will immediately confirm what the taco is and then begin to track down tortillas, cheeses, salsas, and beans.


We at Taco Time HQ couldn’t be more excited about these updates. We’re even having a fiesta featuring, of course, tacos.


To learn more about Taco Time, check out our new website: