Scout is Out! Now open for ALL SnipSnap users

You may have noticed when we announced Scout almost a month ago that not everyone could get in. We knew the idea of a personal deal-hunting assistant would be popular, but we didn’t know just how flooded we would get. As a result, we needed to implement a wait-list, and unlock access to Scout in increments. Since then, users have been saving 15% on average, using everything from price matching, mobile rebates, and in-store coupons to get the deals. Many more new cool savings tools are coming soon.

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I’m very happy to say that we’ve managed to quickly scale up, and today we’re opening the doors to everyone! New and old SnipSnap users alike can simply download the latest version of the iOS app, fire up the Scout tab, and start saving a whole lot of moolah!

The early reviews and feedback for this service have been super gratifying. Thanks to TechcrunchCBSFast Company, and NPR for helping spread the word! 

Meet Scout

We have some exciting news to share. We’ve been working for months on a breakthrough way to save money on all in-store purchases. Yes, ALL of them. Our beta testers have been saving 15% on average, with many cracking 50%.

Get ready to meet Scout.


How does Scout work? You simply snap a photo of any product. Using groundbreaking image-recognition technology developed by Slyce, we can immediately identify that product, and then turn around and find you all the deals for it. Scout will quickly figure out if any product has a price-match opportunity, instant mobile rebate, card-linked offer, or gift card. If we don’t have a mobile coupon on SnipSnap, we’ll even scan all the other coupon apps and sites. At SnipSnap we used to promise you’ll “Never forget a coupon.” Now, with Scout, you’ll “Never miss a deal!”

Some background on how Scout was developed after the jump.


Extreme Homepage Makeover for

If you haven’t recently visited our home on the web (, today would be a great day to check it out! On Friday we launched a major update to our website – and we think it’s beautiful.


Our company mission has always been to help users never forget a coupon. When redesigning the website, we wanted to visualize how each feature in SnipSnap supports that vision. We knew that photography would be a crucial component to our site plan, so we partnered with Philadelphia based photographer, Justin James Muir and, well, the results speak for themselves.


If you’ve ever been curious about what’s going on the behind-the-scenes at SnipSnap, check out the new About Us section. You can learn about the SnipSnap team, job openings, and read our company origin story.  For questions about the app, check out our support page to access Frequently Asked Questions. And if you’re really stuck, head over to the Contact Us page to send a message to our support team.

We care about the retailers and restaurants whose coupons appear in our app. If you’re a marketer or interested in working with SnipSnap, head on over to our For Marketers page to learn how you can take control of your coupons and make SnipSnap start working for you.

There’s a ton of great new features for the website (and apps!) that we have coming your way. Stay tuned.

As always, happy snipping!